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Welcome to the student news site of Pascack Valley High School, where student voices are most important. The Valley Echo is a designated public forum with editors making all content decisions. Opinions do not necessarily reflect those of staff, teachers, administrators, or the Board of Education.

The 2022-23 editorial staff

The Valley Echo Editorial Board for the 2022-2023 school year is as follows:

Editors-in-Chief: Sarah Buttikofer ([email protected]), Sarah Shapiro ([email protected])

Sports Editors: Noah Silver, Ethan Perlman

Staff Editors: Chloe Cuesta, Cameron Dolan, Sophie Kolax, Carly Malamut, Emily Moy, Gabby Rothenberg, Maya Schlessinger

Photo Editors: Ava Kim, Olivia Jackson

Illustration Editor: Ioanna Tsompanellis

Social Media Editor: Megan Austin

Technology Editor: Treshan Nilaweera

Adviser: Tina (Marchiano) Rauscher ([email protected])

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