Daisy Jones and The Six: ‘a captivating watch’



Staff Editor Maya Schlessinger reviews the new Amazon Prime TV show, Daisy Jones and The Six.

Maya Schlessinger, Staff Editor

Amazon Prime released the first three episodes of the TV adaptation of Taylor Jenkins Reid’s hit book Daisy Jones and The Six on March 3. Three episodes will be released every Friday until March 24. The documentary-style show follows the rise and fall of a fictitious rock band, The Six. It is a captivating watch, put to an incredible original soundtrack.  

After reading the book, I was anxious to see who would play each of the lovable characters, and Reid’s casting did not disappoint. With Riley Keough as Daisy Jones, Sam Clafin as Billy Dunne, Suki Waterhouse as Karen Sirko, Camila Morrone as Camila Dunne, Will Harrison as Graham Dunne, Sebastian Chacon as Warren Rhodes, and Josh Whitehouse as Eddie Roundtree, the talented actors aligned perfectly with their personalities and look as described in the book. 

Camila was just as angelic as I had imagined; you can’t help but love her. Daisy is just the right amount of eccentric, yet cool with auburn locks and wild outfits to match. Billy is the ultimate rock and roll loose cannon, just as he is in the books. Even the casting for the younger versions of the characters was spot on, making it very easy for viewers to follow.

My absolute favorite thing about the show was the album, Aurora. 11 of the band’s songs played throughout the show were put together to form the album and was released on Spotify on March 2, the day before the series premiered. Additionally, EPs were released for each episode, containing the full soundtrack, even if not written by The Six. This was such a unique way for the show to interact with their audience. It keeps the show in the back of viewers’ minds until the next three episodes are released.


Although the show closely follows the book, it takes some creative liberties. One of my favorite changes was the scene when Camila first meets Billy. Instead of meeting at the restaurant where Camila worked, they meet at a laundromat. Billy notices Camila looking at him and assumes she recognizes him from the band. Instead, she asks if she can use his laundry basket and says that she’s never heard of his band. It then immediately cuts to a present day interview where Camila admits that of course she knew who he was. This added a more humorous element to the couple’s meeting and perfectly introduced the clever and lovable character. 

Aside from the show itself, the marketing and promotion of it was next level. Inspired by the 70s styles worn in the show, popular clothing brand Free People created a capsule collection in collaboration with Amazon Prime Video. This was such a clever way to extend the impact of the show. Even after the last episodes are released, their audience will still be talking about and wearing Daisy Jones inspired clothing.

Overall, Daisy Jones and The Six earns a 5/5 due to its dynamic combination of casting, music, and marketing. It transformed into a TV show beautifully and was enjoyable whether you’ve read the book or not. If it weren’t for the publication’s standard rating system out of five, I’d rate The Six a 6/6. 

Maya Schlessinger