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Milk N Cookies: gooey and delicious cookies right in Westwood

Milk N Cookies’ gooey and delicious cookies are right in Westwood and have been since December 2023. 

This is the fourth addition to the chain across the tri-state area with stores in Mamaroneck, New York; Wayne, New Jersey; and Stamford, Connecticut as well. 

Milk N Cookies offers a wide selection of soft and delectable cookies as well as cereal ice cream. 

I tried the Churro Cookie, Oatmeal Apple Pie Cookie, Unicorn Cookie, and Brookie Cookie. 

The Churro Cookie was yummy. It was a Snickerdoodle cookie with a Nutella filling. The Nutella filling meshed perfectly with the cookie, but I would have liked it even better if it tasted more like a traditional churro. 

The Oatmeal Apple Pie was delicious. It tasted just like an apple pie and the filling had the perfect gooey, yet creamy texture. There were physical, cut-up apples in the filling, which gave it a good crunch. Additionally, the outside was covered in oatmeal which gave the cookie an additional crunch.

While the cookie was delicious, it may not be for everyone because oatmeal is often an unpopular cookie flavor, and the cookie was less soft and gooey than the other cookies. 

The Unicorn Cookie tasted very sweet and had a filling with a decent flavor inside. I wasn’t a huge fan of the cream cheese filling, but the sprinkles and flavoring of the cream cheese improved the taste. The overall cookie was very soft and gooey, just as I had hoped. 

The Brookie Cookie was by far my favorite cookie. The inside was a rich, dark chocolate filling that went perfectly with the chocolate and vanilla swirl cookie. It tastes best when eaten immediately after buying it because it is still warm and soft. 

After the cookies, I tried their make-your-own ice cream. There is a choice of chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry-flavored ice cream. Then, there is a choice of cereal that is later blended with the ice cream. Afterward, toppings like sprinkles, Oreos, chocolate syrup, and strawberry syrup can be added. 

I got vanilla ice cream blended with Lucky Charms with Oreo pieces and strawberry syrup on top. 

Overall, the ice cream itself was good, but I didn’t enjoy the addition of Lucky Charms. The flavoring of the cereal was too subtle and I didn’t like the texture that the cereal added to the ice cream. 

After trying Milk N Cookies, I would give it a 3.75/5 stars. The cookies were truly delicious, and I plan on going back to buy the cookies again, but the ice cream was not as enjoyable. 

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Megan Austin
Megan Austin, Social Media Editor
Megan Austin is the Social Media Editor for the Valley Echo, Pascack Valley High school’s student publication and has been for three years. She frequently enjoys visiting local restaurants to write food reviews and loves skiing in the Green Mountains. She proudly represents the publication with two articles published in the Pascack Press, as well. 

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