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The Class of 2024 shares tokens of advice

Megan Austin
Members of the Class of 2024 reflect on their time at Valley and share advice for underclassmen.

Say yes to everything. Go to all the sporting events, hang out with new people, and join clubs. Say yes to it all.”

— Vanessa Kramer

Challenge yourself early on. When it comes to college admissions, it will pay off in the end. Take AP and honors classes.”

— Aidan Burke

It’s not that serious. Focus on your own. Don’t worry about what other people think of you. Stay out of unnecessary drama.”

— Marla Coles

Be kind to each other because at the end of the day, you don’t know what others are going through.”

— Mahaleah Kani Lujan

Don’t be afraid to mix things up. Take an art class; go and learn an instrument; go and try out for a sport you’ve never played before. Don’t leave the things you think you might want to do until senior year. Try them early to see what you like!”

— Sky Wescott

Get to know people in other grades in your elective classes because that can lead to a lot more connections.”

— Tony Dapolito

Don’t be afraid to be friendly in class and talk to people you wouldn’t usually talk to. I feel like I judged people in the past that I didn’t realize were really fun because I didn’t give them a chance, and I wish I did sooner. Also, laugh a lot.”

— Tara Stewart

Having fun and prioritizing your personal health is just as, if not more, important as getting good grades.”

— Koichi Tazaki

Make sure you have no regrets. Join clubs and be involved early in your highschool career. Also, surround yourself with good people because the people that you surround yourself with influence you a lot.”

— Danielle Jeong

Make good relationships with your teachers because they are always there to help you.”

— Sophia Bovino

Definitely find a balance between social life and academics to make sure you don’t overwhelm yourself. Definitely challenge yourself, but don’t go overboard. Stay involved and talk to everyone because you’ll learn a lot from other people, even if you aren’t similar to them.”

— Luke Dargan

Once you start, it’s already over. Time goes faster than you think; you start freshman year, and you blink, and you’re graduating already. Take your time and slow down. Every day counts, so make the most of it.”

— Justin Kohan

Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.”

— Nico Mercado

Don’t stress about getting your college decisions back because you will end up in the right place at the end. Keep working hard, and try not to fall behind in school because it will be even more difficult to come back from it. Enjoy your senior year while it lasts because it does in fact fly by.”

— Eve Jarosz

Don’t compare yourself to other people (in any aspect of your life). Don’t worry about what others are doing.”

— Jillian Suarez

Play sports all 4 years of high school. It’s a great way to make friends, build a community, learn responsibility, and it’s a big accomplishment to show up every day.”

— Lana Freedberg

Don’t procrastinate. It just makes things more stressful. As important as everything seems in high school, it’s not. All the drama that’s happening or if you get a bad grade on a test, it doesn’t really matter. You’ll succeed no matter what and your future will be bright after high school. High school doesn’t define you.”

— Megan Austin

Be nice to your teachers and form good relationships with them. Have respect for your teachers and they’ll give respect back.”

— Izzie Velez

Take classes and join clubs that you’re really interested in. It will help you find out what you actually want to do, and not just what you think is going to make a lot of money.”

— Kieran Doody

Don’t stress too much about where you go to college. Whatever decision you make will be the right one, and you’ll be able to find friends wherever you go.”

— Shane Buoye

Take advantage of your high school classes. Ask your guidance counselor a lot of questions and always try to push yourself and do better. Don’t wait for your guidance counselor to ask you if you want to move up a level/try honors or AP. If you think you’re ready, do it.”

— Rea Mendez

Do not slack off with work; you will regret it senior year. Try your best every year to give yourself the best opportunities possible.”

— Vinny Pitrelli

Make sure to keep your grades up, keep a positive vibe, and enjoy high school; you don’t realize it’s over until it really is.”

— Andrew Kleman

It’s up to you to make every day fun. It doesn’t matter what other people think. Smile, be silly, laugh, and make the most of every opportunity.”

— Maya Schlessinger

It’s gonna be tough for a while, but make it to senior year and it will all be worth it.”

— Will Benson

Pursue what you love; don’t let anyone try to push you off your path.”

— Michael Giordano

Try your best! Wherever you end up going is where you’re meant to be.”

— Sophia Bovino

Don’t be afraid to fail, it’s the key to success.”

— Anthony DeSantis-Amin

A good GPA is worth the work.”

— Julian Morris

Be yourself! Seriously, it just works.”

— Logan Tufano

Go after your goals and don’t stop.”

— Cesar Velecela

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Maya Schlessinger
Maya Schlessinger, Editor in Chief
Maya Schlessinger, Pascack Valley senior, is an avid writer of all things PV. Joining the Valley Echo sophomore year, she learned quickly and rose in the ranks to Editor in Chief by senior year. In this time, she has made over forty contributions to the site, ranging from articles to podcasts. Schlessinger lives for telling stories, and she has been writing tales of magical lands since she could first hold a pencil. As a HOBY NJ student ambassador, she put her leadership skills to use when creating a community service sewing club at school, Clothing for a Cause. After school, you can find her baking cookies, playing softball, or listening to Taylor Swift.  
Megan Austin
Megan Austin, Social Media Editor
Megan Austin is the Social Media Editor for the Valley Echo, Pascack Valley High school’s student publication and has been for three years. She frequently enjoys visiting local restaurants to write food reviews and loves skiing in the Green Mountains. She proudly represents the publication with two articles published in the Pascack Press, as well. 

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