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The club to “bee” apart of

Members of the Pascack Valley Beekeeping Club stands in front of the hive.
Contributed by Megan Austin
Members of the Pascack Valley Beekeeping Club stands in front of the hive.

Here at Pascack Valley, there are various clubs that all have their own backstory; one club is just as important as the next. This year, our school’s Beekeeping Club is creating quite a buzz, selling over 400 jars of honey harvested right in Valley’s backyard! There are so many organizations worldwide that are dedicated to helping the bee population, and we have one right here in our school.  

This club is dedicated to better understanding bees and their crucial role in our ecosystem. The Bee Club offers a unique opportunity for students to engage in hands-on beekeeping activities. From learning the intricacies of hive maintenance to harvesting honey, members are gaining many skills and knowledge. 

To give you a closer look into the hive, PV senior and club president Megan Austin shared why she joined the club. 

“I thought it was unique [and] there aren’t a lot of clubs that are very hands-on,” Austin said. 

 With around 60 kids showing interest in the club this year, I am sure many students would agree that this club is something special.

The Bee Club offers lots of opportunities for students to participate in things that they most likely wouldn’t get to do if they weren’t members. For example, Austin talked about the highlight of the year which was during an in-school field trip. 

“We went in for 2 hours and got to interact in the hive,” Austin said.

 The club also provided members with the chance to make candles and allowed them to listen to guest speakers. 

The club also emphasizes the importance of bees in pollination and environmental health. Since its beginnings in 2020, it has made a huge impact at Valley. Austin estimated that the club racked in about four thousand dollars from their honey sales! Having these hives right here in Hillsdale not only benefits the ecosystem at Valley, but since these bees can travel up to three miles they are able to visit neighboring houses which helps plants that rely on pollination bloom! 

All in all, the club had a very buzzworthy year and is an extraordinary one to be a part of! 

Members of the PV Beekeeping Club make candles from beeswax. (Contributed by Megan Austin)
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